Canadian Arctic Ice Dynamics

Trinity-Wykeham Glacier, Prince of Wales Ice Field

The Canadian Arctic archipelago contain the largest area of ice outside the ice sheets. Recently, there have been concern that the mass budget in the region has been turning increasingly negative, largely driven by surface melt. However, the loss of ice from some glaciers have been driven by changes in ice dynamics. The Trinity-Wykeham Glacier complex, which discharges ice from the Prince of Wales Ice Field, was recently found to have accelerated dramatically between 2000 and 2015. We decided to investigate this effect further in a new project.

John Evans Glacier, Ellesmere Island

During my MSc at the University of Edinburgh I investigated the flow changes at John Evans Glacier, a small glacier on Ellesmere Island. The glacier was subject to intense field investigations in the early 2000’s and is thus a site with rich data.