Music and Research Collaboration

As part of a creative collaboration between the University of St Andrews and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), I participated in a project that aimed to break down the barriers between music and science and fuse them together in a manner which explored their deep connection. I collaborated with Aileen Sweeney, a musician who shared a similar passion for the environment as mine. Aileen drew inspiration from an array of glacier sounds provided by the glaciology community and composed a piece of music befitting of the harsh environments in which glaciers are found. I hope you enjoy listening!

St Leonards Postgraduate Community: Mini-Lecture Series

As part of a new scheme implemented in St Andrews to welcome postgraduate research students to the university, I participated in creating content for a mini-lecture series organised by the St Leonards College. I created a 10 minute lecture on my research under the theme ‘Sustainability and Materials for the Modern World’. You can see the video below: